American artist with a focus in wood-fire ceramics and paint. Hillary is a co-founder of Gaya Ceramic Arts Center in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, where she now lives.



For Hillary Kane, travel and work have led her to claim residence in several continents and innumerable countries. Inevitably, the artistic culture of each continues to be a vital source of inspiration. Educated in the United States and France, she now resides in Bali, Indonesia. She focuses her creativity in both clay and paint, enjoying the dynamic of two very different media and their possible confluence.  Wood-fire ceramics in particular, has led her to an international symposium in La Borne, France, a residency in Aomori, Japan, and a conference in Tasmania, Australia, as well as to pioneer several wood-firing kilns in Bali. 

In 2010 she co-founded Gaya Ceramic Arts Center in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and has since been directing its growth: running workshops, hosting artists from all over the world, building kilns and continuing with the creative process.  Most recently, she and her husband have been enjoying the amazing and consuming process of raising their twin daughters.

Artist Statement

I see my artwork as a journey in which the process - the very visceral act of creating is as significant as the final outcome. It is labyrinthine in its development and I am often surprised by the intuitive level of its revelation. I am entranced by the visual traces of this journey and the slow development of a patina of color and texture, the subtle variation of simple forms, and the impact of timing, and of time. To me, these layering’s are reminiscent of geological formation and similarly offer insight to the factors of influence, as well as to the many possibilities of interpretation.