Hillary is the co-founder of Gaya Ceramics Arts Center in Ubud, designer of Tanah, an apres-yoga wear clothing brand and the plant-based restaurant, Moksa uses her anagama fired ceramic tableware.



Plant-based Cuisine & Permaculture Garden

A Place of Awakening the Senses.

A restaurant that creates and presents healthy food in the most extraordinary and inspiring of manners, in a space that inspires beauty and creativity, with an attention to detail that encourages a second and third look for an appreciation to the depth of character of every one and every thing involved.

We are dedicated to bringing an awareness to the whole picture: a permaculture garden that brings food and culture from the farm, the village, the society to the table, and then back out again to the community at large.



Effortless Wearables

Meaning earth or clay in Indonesian.

Tanah clothing grew out of a desire to be able to retain the feeling of comfort, flexibility and essence of yoga practice on and off the mat.

An apres-yoga wear - bringing the relaxation of savasana into the street, the poise of a daring asana into the office, the calm of pranayama into a traffic jam, and the soulful elegance of an echoing mantra out to the dinner party...



Ceramic Arts Center

Where clay and culture come together... 

Our open-air, light-filled ceramic studio space was built to encourage expansive creativity and the sharing of ideas.

Fully-equipped with a wide range of clay bodies and firing options, including Gas, Raku, Anagama, Bottle and Soda kilns, the studio offers no end of possible exploration in clay. 

Specialized workshops throughout the year, continuous classes on a weekly basis, and a vibrant Resident Artist program all fill our calendar with exceptional international instructors, students and artists alike.